Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC

Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC

Annual Report and Accounts for the year ended 30 June 2012

US Pharmaceuticals

DVP US Management Team

Mike Eldred
President, US Operations

Doug Hubert
Vice-President, Sales and Marketing

Dana Fertig
Veterinary Technical Services Manager

What we do

DVP US markets and sells our own veterinary products across the USA.

Operational Structure

The business has an operating board of three senior managers, all of whom have in-depth experience of the American veterinary market. Accounts, HR and pre-distributor logistics are all currently outsourced. Our business is located in Kansas City, USA and employs 36 people, 22 of whom are field based sales representatives.

Our Market

Our customers are small animal and equine veterinary surgeons, predominantly operating out of commercial veterinary practices. The USA is the world's largest veterinary market and represents a significant growth opportunity for Dechra. Over 62% of households own a pet which equates to 73 million homes, with a current estimated population of 86 million cats, 78 million dogs and 7 million horses.

Key Strengths

Our key pharmaceuticals, which are the focus of our sales and marketing efforts, are unique and are the first licensed products to treat the conditions for which they are recommended.


Revenue across our US product range was approximately 26% higher than last year. Four new sales representatives and two field veterinarians were added to the organisation within the year. Further increases in headcount are planned for the future as we continue to increase our one-to-one coverage of the major US veterinary practices. Our key products, Vetoryl and Felimazole and the DermaPet range showed good growth. Overall revenue performance was again impacted by continual supply issues related to our historic dermatological, ophthalmic and otic range by a third party manufacturer. Work continues to improve supply consistency of the licensed dermatological products and the transfer of the sterile ophthalmic range into a new facility is ongoing. This transfer is targeted to be completed prior to the end of June 2013. Vetoryl sales achieved our expectations despite the ongoing battle against compounding pharmacies; there has, however, been a significant amount of publicity outlining to veterinarians the risks and lack of quality control associated with buying products from compounding pharmacies. Throughout the year over 100 regional meetings have been conducted by our technical support veterinarians; these have been attended by over 3,100 veterinarians.

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